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When recording to the built-in memory, [Rec Quality] is fixed to [VGA].
The available recording time displayed on the screen may not decrease regularly.
Depending on the type of the card, the card access indication may appear for a while after recording
motion pictures. This is not a malfunction.
The screen may be blacked out momentarily, or the unit may record noise due to static electricity or
electromagnetic waves etc. depending on the environment of the motion picture recording.
Even if the aspect ratio setting is the same in still pictures and motion pictures, the angle of view may
change at the start of the motion picture recording.
When [Video Rec Area] (P46) is set to [ON], angle of view during motion picture recording is
About zooming while recording motion pictures
If the Extra Optical Zoom are used before pressing the motion picture button, those settings will be
cleared, so the shooting range will change dramatically.
If you operate the zoom etc. while recording motion pictures, the sound of the operation may be
The zoom speed will be slower than usual when recording motion pictures.
Operating the zoom while recording motion pictures can take time for the image to come into
If you end motion picture recording after a short time when using [Miniature Effect] of the Creative
Control Mode, the camera may go on recording for a certain period. Please continue to hold the
camera until the recording finishes.
Noise may be recorded underwater.
It is recommended to use a fully charged battery or AC adaptor (optional) when recording motion
If while recording motion pictures using the AC adaptor (optional) and the power supply is cut off due
to a power outage or if the AC adaptor (optional) is disconnected, etc., the motion picture being
recorded will not be recorded.
Motion pictures cannot be recorded in the following case.
When using [Time Lapse Shot]
A sound might be muffed or warped when there is water on the microphone or the speaker. Wipe the
residue after letting the water drip out from the microphone and speaker by tipping it down, and use
it only after letting it dry for a while. (P138)
It will be recorded in following categories for certain Recording Modes. A motion picture recording
matching each Recording Mode will be performed for the ones not listed below.
Selected Recording Mode Recording Mode while recording motion picture
[Baby1]/[Baby2] (Scene Mode) Portrait Mode
[Night Portrait]/[Night Scenery]/
[Starry Sky] (Scene Mode) Low Light Mode
[Pet] (Scene Mode) Normal motion picture
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