- 31 -
Following menus can be set.
For the setting method of the menu, refer to P40.
¢Settings may be different from other Recording Modes.
Colour setting of [Happy] is available in [Color Mode]. It is possible to automatically take a picture
with a higher level of brilliance for the colour brightness and vividness.
When [ ] is selected, [ ], [ ], [ ] or [ ] is set depending on the type of subject and
When [ ], [ ] is set, Red-Eye Removal is enabled.
Shutter speed will be slower during [ ] or [ ].
Changing the settings
Menu Item
[Rec] [Picture Size]¢/[Burst]¢/[Time Lapse Shot]/[Color Mode]¢/[Face
[Motion Picture] [Rec Quality]
[Setup] [Clock Set]/[World Time]/[Beep]¢/[LED Light]/[Language]/
[Stabilizer Demo.]
Menu items other than those listed above are not displayed, but you
can set them in other Recording Modes.
[Color Mode]
About the flash (P54)
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