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When the camera identifies the optimum scene, the icon of the scene concerned is displayed in
blue for 2 seconds, after which its colour changes to the usual red.
When taking pictures
When recording motion pictures
[¦] is set if none of the scenes are applicable, and the standard settings are set.
When [ ], [ ] or [ ] is selected, the camera automatically detects a person’s face, and it will
adjust the focus and exposure. (Face Detection)
If a tripod is used, for instance, and the camera has judged that camera shake is minimal when the
Scene Mode has been identified as [ ], the shutter speed will be set to a maximum of 8 seconds.
Take care not to move the camera while taking pictures.
When [Face Recog.] is set to [ON], and the face similar to the registered face is detected, [R] is
displayed in the top right of [ ], [ ] and [ ].
Due to conditions such as the ones below, a different scene may be identified for the same subject.
Subject conditions: When the face is bright or dark, the size of the subject, the colour of the
subject, the distance to the subject, the contrast of the subject, when the subject is moving
Recording conditions: Sunset, sunrise, under low brightness conditions, underwater, when the
camera is shaken, when zoom is used
For the best results, it is recommended that you take pictures in the appropriate Recording Mode.
Face Detection may become slower or it may not detect underwater.
When there is a backlight, the subject appears darker and the camera will automatically
attempt to correct it by increasing the brightness of the picture.
In Intelligent Auto Mode, backlight compensation works automatically. The [ ] is displayed on
the screen when backlighting is detected. (Depending on the backlighting conditions,
backlighting may not be detected correctly.)
Scene Detection
¦>[i-Portrait] [i-Scenery]
[i-Macro] [i-Night Portrait]¢1
[i-Night Scenery] [i-Sunset]
¢1 Only when [ ] is selected.
¢2 When [Face Recog.] is set to [ON], [ ] will be displayed for birthdays of registered
faces already set only when the face of a person 3 years old or younger is detected.
¦>[i-Portrait] [i-Scenery]
[i-Low Light] [i-Macro]
The Backlight Compensation
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