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Tips for taking good pictures
Hold the camera gently with both hands, keep your arms still at your side and
stand with your feet slightly apart.
To prevent dropping, be sure to attach the supplied strap and fit it to your wrist. (P14)
Do not swing around or pull forcefully on the unit with the strap attached. The strap may break.
Be careful not to move the camera when you press the shutter button.
Be careful not to put your fingers on the flash, AF assist lamp/LED light, microphone, speaker or lens
EAF Assist Lamp/LED light
Direction Detection Function ([Rotate Disp.])
Pictures recorded with the camera held vertically are played back vertically (rotated). (Only
when [Rotate Disp.] (P49) is set)
When the camera is held vertically and tilted up and down to record pictures, the Direction Detection
function may not work correctly.
Motion pictures taken with the camera held vertically are not displayed vertically.
When the Jitter alert [ ] appears, use [Stabilizer] (P96), a tripod or the Self-timer (P59).
Shutter speed will be slower particularly in the following cases. Keep the camera still from the
moment the shutter button is pressed until the picture appears on the screen. We recommend using
a tripod.
Slow sync./Red-Eye Reduction
[Night Portrait]/[Night Scenery]/[Starry Sky](Scene Mode)
Fit the strap and hold the camera carefully
Preventing jitter (camera shake)
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