- 23 -
Do not turn this unit off, remove its battery or card, or disconnect the AC adaptor (optional)
when the access indication is lit (when pictures are being written, read or deleted, or the
built-in memory or the card is being formatted). Furthermore, do not subject the camera to
vibration, impact or static electricity.
The card or the data on the card may be damaged, and this unit may no longer operate
If operation fails due to vibration, impact or static electricity, perform the operation again.
Write-Protect switch A provided (When this switch is set to the [LOCK] position, no
further data writing, deletion or formatting is possible. The ability to write, delete and
format data is restored when the switch is returned to its original position.)
The data on the built-in memory or the card may be damaged or lost due to
electromagnetic waves, static electricity or breakdown of the camera or the card. We
recommend storing important data on a PC etc.
Do not format the card on your PC or other equipment. Format it on the camera only to ensure
proper operation. (P50)
Keep the Memory Card out of reach of children to prevent swallowing.
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