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About the Built-in Memory/the Card
You can copy the recorded pictures to a card. (P119)
Memory size: Approx. 220 MB
The access time for the built-in memory may be longer than the access time for a card.
The following cards, which conform to the SD video standard, can be used with this unit.
(These cards are indicated as card in the text.)
Please confirm the latest information on the following website.
(This site is English only.)
The following operations can be performed using this unit:
When a card has not been
Pictures can be recorded on the built-in memory and played
When a card has been inserted Pictures can be recorded on the card and played back.
When using the built-in memory
k>ð (access indication¢)
When using the card
(access indication¢)
¢The access indication is displayed in red when pictures are being recorded on the
built-in memory (or the card).
Built-in Memory
SD Memory Card
(8 MB to 2 GB)
Use a card with SD Speed Class¢ with “Class 4” or higher
when recording motion pictures.
SDHC Memory Cards and SDXC Memory Cards can be used only
with their compatible devices.
Check that the PC and other equipment are compatible when using
the SDXC Memory Cards.
Only the cards with capacity listed left can be used.
SDHC Memory Card
(4 GB to 32 GB)
SDXC Memory Card
(48GB, 64GB)
¢SD Speed Class is the speed standard regarding continuous
writing. Check via the label on the card, etc.
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