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Remove the battery after use. (The battery will be exhausted if left for a long period of time after
being charged.)
Turn the camera off and wait for the “LUMIX” display on the LCD monitor to clear before removing
the card or battery. (Otherwise, this unit may no longer operate normally and the card itself may be
damaged or the recorded pictures may be lost.)
About the water leakage warning message
To maintain the waterproof performance of this unit, a message prompting to check for any
foreign material inside the side door or to perform maintenance is displayed along with a
warning sound when the following are performed. (P144)
When this unit is turned on after opening the side door and replacing the card.
When this unit is turned on after opening the side door and replacing the battery.
After opening the side door, close it securely taking care not to get any foreign objects caught.
If foreign objects are present, wipe them off with a dry, lint-free cloth.
Warning message display can be turned off by pressing any button.
The AC adaptor (optional) can only be used with the designated
Panasonic DC coupler (optional). The AC adaptor (optional)
cannot be used by itself.
1Open the side door A.
2Insert the DC coupler, being careful of the direction.
3Plug the AC adaptor into an electrical outlet.
4Connect the AC adaptor B to the [DC IN] socket C of the DC
Ensure that only the AC adaptor and DC coupler for this camera are
used. Using any other equipment may cause damage.
Always use a genuine Panasonic AC adaptor (optional).
When using an AC adaptor, use the AC cable supplied with the AC adaptor.
Side door cannot be closed while the AC adaptor is connected.
Do not apply any force to the side door with the weight of the cable or your hand when the AC
adaptor is connected. It may cause damage.
The DC coupler may get disconnected from this unit if a cable is pulled when connecting the
AC adaptor, so take caution.
Before removing the DC coupler, turn the camera off and disconnect the AC adaptor.
Also read the operating instructions for the AC adaptor and DC coupler.
Waterproof/dustproof function does not operate when the AC adaptor is connected.
Using an AC adaptor (optional) and a DC coupler (optional) instead of the battery
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