- 19 -
The operating times and number of recordable pictures will differ according to the
environment and the operating conditions.
For example, in the following cases, the operating times will shorten and the number of recordable
pictures is reduced:
At low temperature or in cold locations such as ski resorts or at high altitude¢
¢Residual image may show on the LCD display when in use. The battery performance will
decrease, so keep the camera and spare batteries warm by placing them in a warm place
such as inside your cold protection gear or clothing. Performance of batteries and LCD
monitor will restore to normal when the temperature returns to normal.
When using [Monitor Luminance].
When operations such as flash and zoom are used repeatedly.
When the operating time of the camera becomes extremely short even after properly charging the
battery, the life of the battery may have expired. Buy a new battery.
Playback time Approx. 240 min
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