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Recording still pictures
Recording conditions by CIPA standard
CIPA is an abbreviation of [Camera & Imaging Products Association].
Temperature: 23 oC (73.4 oF)/Humidity: 50%RH when LCD monitor is on.
Using a Panasonic SD Memory Card (32 MB).
Using the supplied battery.
Starting recording 30 seconds after the camera is turned on. (When the Optical Image Stabiliser
function is set to [ON].)
Recording once every 30 seconds using full flash every second recording.
Changing the zoom magnification from Tele to Wide or vice versa in every recording.
Turning the camera off every 10 recordings and leaving it until the temperature of the battery
The number of recordable pictures varies depending on the recording interval time. As
the recording interval time becomes longer, the number of recordable pictures
decreases. [For example, if you were to take one picture every two minutes, then the
number of pictures would be reduced to approximately one-quarter of the number of
pictures given above (based upon one picture taken every 30 seconds).]
Recording motion pictures
When recording with picture quality set to [HD]
These times are for an ambient temperature of 23 oC (73.4 oF) and a humidity of 50%RH. Please be
aware that these times are approximate.
Actual recordable time is the time available for recording when repeating actions such as turning this
unit on and off, starting/stopping recording, zoom operation, etc.
Maximum time to record motion pictures continuously is 29 minutes 59 seconds. The maximum
available recording time continuously is displayed on the screen.
Approximate operating time and number of recordable pictures
Number of recordable
pictures Approx. 250 pictures By CIPA standard in Normal
Picture Mode
Recording time Approx. 125 min
Recordable time Approx. 100 min
Actual recordable time Approx. 50 min
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