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Below cases are not malfunctions, so you can use the camera as normal.
>You hear a “rattling” sound when the camera is shaken while this unit is turned off or during
Playback Mode (this is the sound of the lens moving).
>When this unit is turned on or off, or when switching from recording to Playback Mode, there is a
rattling noise (this is the sound of the lens moving).
>When zooming, you can feel some vibration (this is caused by the lens moving).
If you do not use the camera for a long time, the clock may be reset.
>[Please set the clock] message will be displayed, please reset the clock. (P25)
It is possible that the subject may be warped slightly, or the borders get coloured, depending on the
zoom magnification, due to the characteristics of the lens, but this is not a malfunction.
When using the Extra Optical Zoom, the zooming action will stop temporarily. This is not a
Is the camera set to Macro Zoom Mode? (P58)
Maximum zoom during Macro Zoom Mode is 3k digital zoom.
When you perform an operation after taking a certain action, the pictures may be recorded in folders
with different numbers from the ones used prior to the operation.
If you insert or remove the battery before turning off this unit, the folder and file numbers for the
pictures taken will not be stored in the memory. When this unit is turned on again and pictures are
taken, they may be stored under file numbers which should have been assigned to previous
Formatting is not available in Intelligent Auto Mode. Switch the recording mode to another one. (P50)
The camera makes a rattling sound or you can feel some vibration.
The clock is reset.
When pictures are taken using the zoom, they are slightly distorted and the areas
around the subject contain colours which are not actually present.
Zooming stops instantaneously.
Zoom does not go up to maximum magnification.
The file numbers are not recorded consecutively.
The file numbers are recorded with previously used numbers.
The card cannot be formatted.
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