- 153 -
Press [MENU/SET] after viewing the last screen (12/12). For details, refer to P9.
>Press [MENU/SET], select the [Setup] menu icon [ ]. Then press [MENU/SET], and then
select the [~] icon to set the desired language. (P50)
AF Assist Lamp will turn on white in the dark place to assist the focusing.
Is [AF Assist Lamp] on the [Rec] menu set to [ON]? (P95)
The AF Assist Lamp does not turn on in bright places.
The surface of the camera may become warm during use. This does not affect the performance or
quality of the camera.
When the brightness changes due to zoom or camera movement, etc., the lens may click and the
picture on the screen may drastically change. However, the picture is not affected. The sound is
caused by the automatic adjustment of the aperture. This is not a malfunction.
Have foreign objects become trapped?
>Remove the foreign objects. (P10)
When closing, do not set the [LOCK] switch to the locked side. Doing so may cause damage or
>Release the lock. (P20)
If the camera is used in cold places such as ski resorts or places at high altitude with the snow or
water droplets adhered to the camera, some parts of the camera may become hard to move with
snow or water droplets freezing in the gap of the zoom button or the camera [ON/OFF] button. This
is not a malfunction. When the camera returns to normal temperature it will function as normal.
When using the camera in a place with sand or dust, some parts of the camera may become hard to
move with foreign objects getting in the gap of the zoom button, or the camera [ON/OFF] button.
Wipe off with a dry, lint-free cloth or rinse with fresh water.
[Requirements for Underwater use] is displayed repeatedly whenever this unit is
turned on.
An unreadable language was selected by mistake.
A white lamp sometimes turns on when the shutter button is pressed halfway.
The AF Assist Lamp does not turn on.
The camera becomes warm.
The lens clicks.
The side door will not close.
A part of the camera such as the zoom button and side door does not move.
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