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Is the camera connected to the PC correctly?
Is the camera recognised by the PC correctly?
>Select [PC] when connecting. (P124)
>Turn this unit off and on.
>Disconnect the USB connection cable. Connect it again while the card is inserted in the camera.
>If there are two or more USB terminal on a single PC, try connecting the USB connection cable
to another USB terminal.
>Check if your PC is compatible with SDXC memory cards.
>A message prompting to format the card may be displayed when connecting, but do not format.
>If the [Access] displayed on the LCD monitor does not disappear, disconnect the USB
connection cable after turning this unit off.
Pictures cannot be printed using a printer that does not support PictBridge.
>Select [PictBridge(PTP)] when connecting. (P127)
>When using a printer with a Cropping or borderless printing function, cancel this function before
printing. (For details, refer to the operating instructions for the printer.)
>When you order photo studios to print pictures, ask the photo studio if the 16:9 pictures can be
Since aspect ratio of a panorama picture differs from normal pictures, it may not always be possible
to print it correctly.
>Please use a printer that supports panorama pictures. (For details, please see the operating
instructions of your printer)
>We recommend using the “PHOTOfunSTUDIO” software on the CD-ROM (supplied) to adjust
the size of the still picture to the print paper size.
Cannot communicate with the PC.
The card is not recognised by the PC. (The built-in memory is recognised.)
The card is not recognised by the PC. (SDXC memory card is used)
The picture cannot be printed when the camera is connected to a printer.
The ends of the pictures are cut at printing.
The panorama picture is not printing correctly.
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