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Is it a picture that has been recorded with other equipment? In such cases, these pictures may be
displayed with a deteriorated picture quality.
This unit automatically adjusts the aperture during motion picture recording. At such times, the
sound may break up. This is not a malfunction.
Even if a compatible MP4 playback device is used, the video or sound quality of the recorded motion
pictures may be poor, or they may not be able to be played. The recorded data may also not be
displayed properly in certain cases.
Is the camera connected to the TV correctly?
>Set the TV input to External Input Mode.
Depending on the TV model, the pictures may be elongated horizontally or vertically or they may be
displayed with their edges cut off.
Are you trying to play back the motion pictures by directly inserting the card in the card slot of the
>Connect the camera to the TV with the AV cable (optional) and then play back the pictures on
the camera. (P120)
>Check [TV Aspect] setting. (P49)
[Thumbnail is displayed] appears on the screen.
The sound of the recorded motion pictures sometimes breaks up.
Motion pictures recorded with this model cannot be played back on other equipment.
TV, PC and printer
The picture does not appear on the television.
The display areas on the TV screen and the camera’s LCD monitor are different.
The motion pictures cannot be played back on a TV.
The picture is not displayed fully on the TV.
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