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Is this a non-standard picture, a picture which has been edited using a PC or a picture which was
taken by another maker of digital cameras?
Did you remove the battery immediately after picture-taking or did you take the picture using a
battery with a low remaining charge?
>Format the data to delete the pictures mentioned above. (P50)
(Other pictures will be deleted as well and it will not be possible to restore them. Therefore,
check well before formatting.)
Is something covering up the speaker? (P15)
Is the clock in the camera set properly? (P25)
When pictures edited using a PC or pictures taken by other equipment are searched, they may
display dates differing from the actual dates on which the pictures were taken.
When Red-Eye Removal ([ ], [ ]) is in operation, if you take a picture of a subject with red
colour surrounded by a skin tone colour, that red part may be corrected to black by the Red-Eye
Removal function.
>It is recommended to take a picture with the Flash Mode set to [], [] or [Œ], or
[Red-Eye Removal] on the [Rec] menu set to [OFF]. (P96)
The folder number and the file number are displayed as [—] and the screen turns
Playback sound or operation sound is small.
With a Calendar Search, pictures display dates differing from the actual dates on
which the pictures were taken.
White round spots like soap bubbles appear on the recorded picture.
If you take a picture with the flash in a dark place or indoors, white round
spots may appear on the picture caused by the flash reflecting off of particles
of dust in the air. This is not a malfunction.
A characteristic of this is that the number of round spots and their position
differ in every picture.
Red part of the recorded image has changed colour to black.
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