- 149 -
Is the flash setting set to [Œ]?
>Change the flash setting. (P54)
The flash cannot be used in the following cases:
When using Auto Bracket (P61)
Creative Control Mode (P62)
[Panorama Shot] (P69)
[Scenery]/[Night Scenery]/[Sunset]/[Starry Sky]/[Glass Through] (Scene Mode) (P72)
When recording in [Burst] (except for [ ]) (P90)
The flash is activated twice when Red-Eye Reduction (P55) has been set.
Has [Burst] (P90) in the [Rec] menu been set to [ ]?
[Rotate Disp.] (P49) is set to [ ] or [ ].
Is there a picture on the built-in memory or the card?
>The pictures on the built-in memory appear when a card is not inserted. The picture data on the
card appears when a card is inserted.
Is this a folder or picture which was processed in the PC? If it is, it cannot be played back by this unit.
>It is recommended to use the “PHOTOfunSTUDIO” software in the CD-ROM (supplied) to write
pictures from PC to card.
Are you playing back filtered images by using [Slide Show] or [Filtering Play]?
Cancel the filter
. (P101)
The flash is not activated.
Flash is activated several times.
The picture being played back is rotated and displayed in an unexpected direction.
The picture is not played back.
The recorded pictures are not displayed.
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