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It is possible that the subject may be warped slightly, or the borders get coloured, depending on the
zoom magnification, due to the characteristics of the lens. Also, the peripherals of the image might
look warped because the perspective is enhanced when the wide angle is used. This is not a
The inside of the lens may fog due to condensation depending on the environment this unit is used
in, areas that undergo a significant change in temperature or in high humidity, etc. Refer to When
inner side of the lens is fogged (condensation) on P7 for what to do.
This phenomenon appears when you press the shutter button halfway to set the aperture value and
does not affect the recorded pictures.
This phenomenon also appears when the brightness changes when the camera is zoomed or when
the camera is moved. This is because of operation of the automatic aperture of the camera, and it is
not a malfunction.
The LCD monitor may flicker for a few seconds after this unit is turned on. This is an operation to
correct flicker caused by lighting such as fluorescent lights, LED lights etc. and is not a malfunction.
Is [Monitor Luminance] active? (P45)
Perform [Monitor Display]. (P44)
This is not a malfunction.
These pixels do not affect the recorded pictures.
In dark places, noise may appear to maintain the brightness of the LCD monitor. This does not affect
the pictures you are recording.
Recorded image may be warped, or nonexistent colour is surrounding the subject.
The inner side of the lens is fogged.
LCD monitor
The LCD monitor becomes darker or brighter for a moment.
The LCD monitor flickers indoors.
The LCD monitor is too bright or dark.
Black, red, blue and green dots appear on the LCD monitor.
Noise appears on the LCD monitor.
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