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When recording under fluorescent or LED lighting fixture etc., increasing the shutter speed may
introduce slight changes to brightness and colour. These are a result of the characteristics of the
light source and do not indicate a malfunction.
Use a card with SD Speed Class with “Class 4” or higher when recording motion pictures.
Depending on the type of the card, recording may stop in the middle.
>If motion picture recording stops during use of a card of at least “Class 4” or if you use a card
that has been formatted on a PC or other equipment, the data-writing speed is lower. In such
cases, we recommend that you make a backup of the data and then format (P50) the card in this
Set the AF area to the distinctive colour of the subject if there is a part that is different from the
surrounding colour. (P84)
If the camera is moved too slowly, the camera has assumed that camera motion was stopped and
ended the still picture recording.
If there is large shaking towards the recording direction while moving the camera, recording is
>When recording in [Panorama Shot], try to trace a small half-circle parallel to the recording
direction, taking about 4 seconds to complete the half-circle (approximate).
Is your finger covering up the speaker? (P15)
The brightness or the hue of the recorded picture is different from the actual scene.
When recording pictures or half-pressing the shutter button, reddish stripes may
appear on the LCD monitor. Alternatively, part or all of the LCD monitor may turn a
reddish colour.
This is a characteristic of CCDs, and it appears when the subject has a bright
part. Some unevenness may occur in the surrounding areas, but this is not a
It is recorded in motion pictures but is not recorded on still pictures.
It is recommended that when you take pictures you take care not to expose
the screen to sunlight or any other source of strong light.
Motion picture recording stops in the middle.
Subject cannot be locked.
(AF tracking not possible)
Recording by [Panorama Shot] is ended before finishing.
Operation sound is small.
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