- 145 -
First, try out the following procedures (P145154).
The battery is exhausted. Charge the battery.
If you leave the camera on, the battery will be exhausted.
>Turn the camera off frequently by using the [Auto Power Off] etc. (P47)
Insert all the way until you hear a locking sound and it is locked by the lever while being careful
about the direction the battery is inserted. (P20)
Is there any memory remaining on the built-in memory or the card?
>Delete the pictures which are not necessary to increase available space in the memory. (P39)
You may not be able to record for a short while after turning this unit on when using a large capacity
The picture can become whitish if there is dirt, e.g. fingerprints on the lens.
>When it is dirty, lightly wipe the surface of the lens with soft and dry cloth.
Is the inside of the lens fogged?
>There is condensation. Refer to When inner side of the lens is fogged (condensation) on P7 for
what to do.
If the problem is not resolved, it may be improved by selecting [Reset] (P48) on the
[Setup] menu.
Battery and power source
The camera cannot be operated even when it is turned on.
The camera turns off immediately after it is turned on.
Side door does not close.
The picture cannot be recorded.
The recorded picture is whitish.
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