- 144 -
[A folder cannot be created]
A folder cannot be created because there are no remaining folder numbers that can be used.
>Format the card after saving necessary data on a PC etc. (P50) If you execute [No.Reset] in the
[Setup] menu after formatting, the folder number is reset to 100. (P48)
[Picture is displayed for 16:9 TV]/[Picture is displayed for 4:3 TV]
Select [TV Aspect] in the [Setup] menu if you want to change the TV aspect. (P49)
This message also appears when the USB connection cable is connected to the camera only.
In this case, connect the other end of the USB connection cable to a PC or a printer. (P124, 127)
[Editing operation cannot proceed as information processing is ongoing.]
If a card inserted into the unit contains a group of pictures taken in [Time Lapse Shot] and one or
more pictures from the group have been deleted or have had their file names changed in a PC or
other device, the unit automatically retrieves new information and reconstitutes the group. When
there are many image files, the currently retrieving information icon [ ] may be displayed for
a significant period on the playback screen. During this period, it will not be possible to use delete
or the playback menu.
If you turn off this unit while information is being retrieved, only the still pictures for which data has
been retrieved will be saved as the group. When you switch on again, the information retrieval will
restart from the same point.
[This battery cannot be used]
Use a genuine Panasonic battery. If this message is displayed even when a genuine Panasonic
battery is used, contact the dealer or Panasonic.
If the battery terminal is dirty, clean it and remove any objects.
[To prevent water leakage, ensure that the door is locked properly.]
Refer to P21 for details.
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