- 142 -
Message Display
Confirmation messages or error messages will be displayed on the screen in some cases.
The major messages are described below as examples.
[This picture is protected]
>Delete the picture after cancelling the protect setting. (P117)
[Some pictures cannot be deleted]/[This picture cannot be deleted]
Pictures not based on the DCF standard cannot be deleted.
>Format the card after saving necessary data on a PC etc. (P50)
[Cannot be set on this picture]
[Text Stamp] or [Print Set] cannot be set for pictures not based on the DCF standard.
[Built-in memory full]/[Memory card full]/[Not enough space on built-in memory]/[Not
enough memory on the card]
There is no space left on the built-in memory or the card.
When you copy pictures from the built-in memory to the card (batch copy), the pictures are copied
until the capacity of the card becomes full.
[Some pictures cannot be copied]/[Copy could not be completed]
The following pictures cannot be copied.
When a picture with the same name as the picture to be copied exists in the copy destination.
(Only when copying from a card to the built-in memory.)
Files not based on the DCF standard.
Moreover, pictures recorded or edited by other equipment may not be copied.
[Built-In Memory Error]/[Format built-in memory?]
This message will be displayed when you format the built-in memory on a PC.
>Format the built-in memory on the camera again. (P50) The data on the built-in memory will be
[Memory card error.
This card cannot be used in this camera.
Format this card?]
It is a format that cannot be used with this unit.
>Insert a different card and try again.
>Reformat on this unit (P50) after saving necessary data using a PC, etc. Data will be deleted.
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