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Store the battery in a cool and dry place with a relatively stable temperature: [Recommended
temperature: 15 oC to 25 oC (59 oF to 77 oF), Recommended humidity: 40%RH to 60%RH]
Always remove the battery and the card from the camera.
If the battery is left inserted in the camera, it will discharge even if the camera is turned off. If the
battery continues to be left in the camera, it will discharge excessively and may become unusable
even if charged.
When storing the battery for a long period of time, we recommend charging it once a year. Remove
the battery from the camera and store it again after it has completely discharged.
We recommend storing the camera with a desiccant (silica gel) when you keep it in a closet or a
Recorded data may be damaged or lost if the camera breaks down due to inappropriate
handling. Panasonic will not be liable for any damage suffered due to loss of recorded data.
When you use a tripod, make sure the tripod is stable when this unit is attached to it.
You may not be able to remove the card or the battery when using a tripod or unipod.
Make sure that the screw on the tripod or unipod is not at an angle when attaching or detaching the
camera. You may damage the screw on the camera if you use excessive force when turning it. Also,
the camera body and the rating label may be damaged or scratched if the camera is attached too
tightly to the tripod or unipod.
Read the operating instructions for the tripod or unipod carefully.
Some tripods or unipods may block the speaker, making it difficult to hear operating sounds etc.
When not using the camera for a long period of time
About the picture data
About tripods or unipods
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