- 139 -
The [CHARGE] indicator may blink under the influence of static electricity or electromagnetic wave.
This phenomenon have no effects on charging.
If you use the battery charger near a radio, the radio reception may be disturbed.
Keep the charger 1 m (3.3 feet) or further away from radios.
The charger may generate whirring sounds when it is being used. This is not a malfunction.
After use, be sure to disconnect the power supply device from the electrical outlet. (A very small
amount of current is consumed if it is left connected.)
Keep the terminals of the charger and battery clean.
Do not leave the card where the temperature is high, where electromagnetic waves or
static electricity are easily generated or exposed to direct sunlight.
Do not bend or drop the card.
The card may be damaged or the recorded content may be damaged or deleted.
Put the card in the card case or the storage bag after use and when storing or carrying the card.
Do not allow dirt, dust, or water to get into the terminals on the back of the card and do not touch the
terminals with your fingers.
Notice for when transferring to another party, or disposing of the memory card
“Format” or “delete” using the camera or a PC will only modify the file management information, it
will not erase the data in the memory card completely.
It is recommended to physically destroy the memory card or use the commercially available
computer data deletion software to completely erase the data in the memory card before transferring
to another party or disposing.
Management of data in the memory card is the responsibility of the user.
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