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Before cleaning the camera, remove the battery or the DC coupler (optional), or
disconnect the power plug from the outlet. Then wipe the camera with a dry, soft cloth.
When the camera is soiled badly, it can be cleaned by wiping the dirt off with a wrung wet cloth, and
then with a dry cloth.
Do not use solvents such as benzine, thinner, alcohol, cleanser, kitchen detergents, etc., to clean the
camera, since it may deteriorate the external case or the coating may peel off.
When using a chemical cloth, be sure to follow the accompanying instructions.
When salt etc., has adhered to the camera, the arm part of the side
door etc., may whiten. Use damp cotton swabs or similar to wipe
until the whitened part is removed.
AArm part
Do not press the LCD monitor with excessive force. Uneven colours may appear on the LCD monitor
and it may malfunction.
If the camera gets very cold in cold places such as ski resorts or places at high altitude, performance
of the LCD monitor may temporarily drop immediately after turning this unit on, e.g. the picture on
the LCD monitor being slightly darker than usual or ghost images appearing. Keep the camera warm
when using in a cold environment. The performance will resume as normal when the internal
temperature rises.
About the LCD monitor
Extremely high precision technology is employed to produce the LCD monitor screen.
However, there may be some dark or bright spots (red, blue, or green) on the screen. This is
not a malfunction. The LCD monitor screen has more than 99.99% effective pixels with a
mere 0.01% of the pixels inactive or always lit. The spots will not be recorded on pictures on
the built-in memory or a card.
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