- 130 -
Connecting to other equipment
Paper sizes not supported by the printer will not be displayed.
[Paper Size]
Item Description of settings
{Settings on the printer are prioritised.
89 mm
127 mm
[2L/5qk7q]127 mmk178 mm
[POSTCARD] 100 mmk148 mm
[16:9] 101.6 mmk180.6 mm
[A4] 210 mmk297 mm
[A3] 297 mmk420 mm
[10k15cm] 100 mmk150 mm
[4qk6q]101.6 mmk152.4 mm
[8qk10q]203.2 mmk254 mm
[LETTER] 216 mmk279.4 mm
[CARD SIZE] 54 mmk85.6 mm
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