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Connecting to other equipment
Copying to a PC without using “PHOTOfunSTUDIO”
If the installation of “PHOTOfunSTUDIO” fails, you can copy files and folders to your PC by
dragging and dropping them from the camera after connecting to your PC.
Directory structure of built-in memory/card of this unit is shown by the figure below.
A new folder is created when pictures are taken in the following situations.
After [No.Reset] (P48) in the [Setup] menu has been executed
When a card containing a folder with the same folder number has been inserted (such as when
pictures were taken using another maker of camera)
When there is a picture with file number 999 inside the folder
Disconnecting the USB connection cable safely
Select the [ ] icon in the task tray displayed on the PC, and then click [Eject
DMC-XXX] (XXX varies by model).
Depending on your PC’s settings, this icon may not be displayed.
If the icon is not displayed, check that [Access] is not displayed on the LCD monitor of the digital
camera before removing the hardware.
Connection in the PTP Mode
Select [PictBridge(PTP)] when connecting USB connection cable.
Data can now be read only from the card into the PC.
When there are 1000 or more pictures on a card, the pictures may not be imported in the PTP Mode.
Motion picture cannot be played back in PTP Mode.
For Windows: A drive ([Removable Disk]) is displayed in [Computer]
For Mac: A drive ([NO_NAME]) is displayed on the desktop
Built-in Memory
DCIM: Images
1Folder number
2File number
3JPG: Still pictures
MP4: MP4 Motion pictures
MISC: DPOF print
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