- 123 -
Connecting to other equipment
Installing supplied software
Before inserting the CD-ROM, close all running applications.
Check the environment of your PC.
Operating environment of “PHOTOfunSTUDIO 9.0 SE”
Windows VistaR (32bit) SP2,
WindowsR 7 (32bit/64bit) or SP1,
WindowsR 8 (32bit/64bit),
WindowsR 8.1 (32bit/64bit)
PentiumR III 800 MHz or higher (Windows VistaR),
PentiumR III 1 GHz or higher (WindowsR 7/WindowsR 8/WindowsR 8.1)
1024k768 pixels or more (1920k1080 pixels or more recommended)
512 MB or more (Windows VistaR),
1 GB or more (WindowsR 7 32bit/WindowsR 8 32bit/WindowsR 8.1 32bit),
2 GB or more (WindowsR 7 64bit/WindowsR 8 64bit/WindowsR 8.1 64bit)
Free hard disk space:
450 MB or more for installing software
Refer to the operating instructions of “PHOTOfunSTUDIO” (PDF) for further operating
Insert the CD-ROM with the supplied software.
If the automatic playback screen is displayed, you can display the menu by selecting and
executing [Launcher.exe].
In Windows 8/Windows 8.1, you can display the menu by clicking a message that is
displayed after inserting the CD-ROM and then selecting and executing [Launcher.exe].
You can also display the menu by double-clicking [SFMXXXX] in [Computer] (XXXX differs
depending on the model).
Click on the [Applications] on the install menu.
Click on the [Recommended Installation].
Proceed with installation according to messages appearing on the screen.
The software compatible with your PC will be installed.
“PHOTOfunSTUDIO” and “LoiLoScope” are not compatible with Mac.
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