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Connecting to other equipment
Depending on the [Picture Size], black bands may be displayed on the top and bottom or the left and
right of the pictures.
Change the screen mode on your TV if the picture is displayed with the top or bottom cut off.
When you play back a picture vertically, it may be blurry.
When pictures are displayed, they may not be displayed properly depending on the type of TV.
You can view pictures on TVs in other countries (regions) which use the NTSC or PAL system when
you set [Video Out] in the [Setup] menu.
No sound is output from the camera speakers.
Read the operating instructions for the TV.
Before removing a battery, turn the camera off and disconnect the AV cable.
The recorded still pictures can be played back on a TV with an SD Memory Card slot.
Depending on the TV model, pictures may not be displayed on the full screen.
Motion pictures may not be played back depending on the TV type.
In some cases, panorama pictures cannot be played back. Also, auto-scroll playback of
panorama pictures may not work.
For cards compatible with playback, refer to the operating instructions of the TV.
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