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Before Use
2Drain water by holding the camera upside-down A and the right way up B and
shaking it lightly a few times.
After using the camera at the beach or in water, or after washing it, water may remain around
the speaker and microphone for a while and may cause a drop in volume or sound distortion.
Make sure to put your hand through the strap to prevent the camera from falling.
3Wipe off water drops on the camera with a dry
soft cloth and dry the camera in a shaded area
which is well ventilated.
Dry the camera by standing it on a dry cloth. This
unit incorporates drain design, draining water in
gaps in the camera [ON/OFF] button and zoom
button etc.
Do not dry the camera with hot air from dryer or
similar. Waterproof performance will deteriorate due to deformation.
Do not use chemicals such as benzine, thinner, alcohol or cleanser, soap or detergents.
4Confirm that there are no water droplets, open the side door, and wipe off any water
droplets or sand left inside using a soft dry cloth. (P137)
Water droplets may adhere to the card or battery when the side door is opened without
thoroughly drying. Also, water may accumulate in the gap around the card/battery slot or the
terminal connector. Be sure to wipe any water off with a soft dry cloth.
The water droplets may seep into the camera when the side door is closed while it is still wet,
causing condensation or failure.
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