- 113 -
You can enlarge and then clip the important part of the recorded picture.
Select [Cropping] on the [Playback] menu.
Press 2/1 to select the picture, and then press [MENU/SET].
Use the zoom button and press 3/4/2/1 to select the parts to be
Press [MENU/SET].
Confirmation screen is displayed. It is executed when [Yes] is selected.
Exit the menu after it is executed.
The picture quality of the cropped picture will deteriorate.
Crop one picture at a time. (You cannot edit all pictures in a group at once)
When you crop pictures in a group, the cropped ones are saved separately from the original ones in
the group.
It may not be possible to crop pictures recorded with other equipment.
Information regarding the Face Recognition in the original picture will not be copied to images
having undergone [Cropping].
The following images cannot be cropped.
Motion pictures
Pictures taken in [Panorama Shot]
Pictures with date or text stamped
: Reduction
: Enlargement
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