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This function allows you to create a motion picture from a picture group recorded with [Time
Lapse Shot]. The created motion picture is saved in MP4 recording format.
Select [Time Lapse Video] on the [Playback] menu.
Press 2/1 to select the picture group from which you want to create a
motion picture, and then press [MENU/SET].
Press 3/4 to select the item and settings, and then press [MENU/SET].
Press 3/4 to select [Start], and then press [MENU/
Confirmation screen is displayed. It is executed when [Yes] is
Exit the menu after it is executed.
When recording to the built-in memory, [Time Lapse Video] is not available.
If you select the image quality in which the aspect ratio is different from the one for the picture group,
black strips will appear on the top and bottom or left and right of the image.
If a recorded image quality with a resolution higher than the group pictures have been selected, the
image will become blurry.
When creating motion pictures, we recommend you use the sufficiently-charged battery or the AC
adaptor (optional).
If power supply is lost by unplugging the AC adaptor or due to a blackout while creating a motion
picture with the AC adaptor, the motion picture you are creating will not be recorded.
The following motion pictures cannot be created:
A motion picture longer than 29 minutes and 59 seconds
A motion picture shorter than 1 second is displayed as “0s” on the motion picture recording time
[Time Lapse Video]
Item Settings Setting item
[Rec Quality]
[HD] Creates motion pictures in the pixel resolution of
1280k720 and aspect ratio of 16:9.
[VGA] Creates motion pictures in the pixel resolution of
640k480 and aspect ratio of 4:3.
[Frame Rate]
[5fps] Plays back 5 images in 1 second.
[25fps] Plays back 25 images in 1 second.
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