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Before Use
Use the camera underwater to 8 m (26 feet) with the water temperature between 0 oC and 40 oC
(32 oF and 104 oF).
Do not use for scuba diving (Aqualung).
Do not use the camera at a depth of over 8 m (26 feet).
Do not use it in the hot water over 40 oC (104 oF) (in the bath or hot spring).
Do not use the camera underwater for longer than 60 minutes continuously.
Do not open or close the side door underwater.
Do not apply shock to the camera underwater. (Waterproof performance may not be maintained, and
there is a chance of water leak.)
Do not dive into the water holding the camera. Do not use the camera in a location where the water
will splash strongly, such as rapid flow or waterfall. (Strong water pressure may be applied, and it
may cause malfunction.)
The camera will sink in the water. Take care not to drop the camera and lose it underwater by
securely placing the strap around your wrist or similar measure.
1Rinse with water with the side door closed.
After use at the seaside or underwater, soak the unit in fresh
water pooled in a shallow container for 10 minutes or less.
If the zoom button or camera [ON/OFF] button do not press
smoothly, it may be caused by an adhesion of foreign objects.
Using in such a state may cause malfunctions, such as
locking up, so wash off any foreign objects by shaking the
camera in fresh water.
Bubbles may come out of the drainage hole when you
immerse the camera in water, but this is not a malfunction.
Using the camera underwater
Caring of the camera after using it underwater
Do not open or close the side door until the sand and dust is removed by rinsing the
camera with water.
Make sure to clean the camera after using it.
Thoroughly wipe off any water droplets, sand, and saline matter on your hands, body, hair, etc.
It is recommended to clean the camera indoors, avoiding places where water spray or sand may
After using it underwater, always clean the camera rather than leaving it in a dirty state.
Leaving the camera with foreign objects or saline matter on it may cause damage, discolouration,
corrosion, unusual odour, or deterioration of the waterproof performance.
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