- 105 -
Having Fun with Recorded Pictures (Retouch)
You can adjust the colour tone of the pictures taken, or add your preferred effects.
The processed pictures are newly generated, so be sure that you have enough space in the built-in
memory or on the card. Note also that processing will not be possible if the Write-Protect switch of
the card is in the [LOCK] position.
Effects may be difficult to see depending on the picture.
Pictures taken with other cameras may not be processed.
The brightness and colour of the pictures taken can be balanced.
¢These pictures are examples to show the effect.
Press 2/1 to select a picture, and then press 3.
If you have filtered images for playback by using [Slide Show] (P99)
or [Filtering Play]
(P101), the selection screen appears. You can proceed to step 2 by selecting [Retouch] with
3/4, and then pressing [MENU/SET].
You can also proceed to step 2 by selecting [Retouch] from the [Playback] menu.
Press 3/4 to select [Auto Retouch], and then press [MENU/SET].
Press 3/4 to select [ON], and then press [MENU/SET].
If you select [OFF], an image with no effect is displayed. If you are not going to add an effect,
exit the menu.
Confirmation screen is displayed. It is executed when [Yes] is selected.
Depending on the picture, noise may be emphasised by [Auto Retouch].
It may not be possible to perform [Auto Retouch] on pictures which have already been retouched.
The following pictures cannot be processed:
Motion pictures
Pictures taken in [Panorama Shot]
Picture groups taken with [Time Lapse Shot] cannot be processed on a group-by-group basis.
[Auto Retouch]
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