- 101 -
The images sorted into the category or images set as favourite are played back.
To cancel filtering
1Press 3 while playing back one picture at a time.
2Press 3/4 to select [Filtering Off] and then press [MENU/SET].
Filtering is also cancelled by turning off the camera or switching to Recording Mode.
[Filtering Play]
Settings Description of settings
[Picture Only] Only still pictures are played back.
[Video Only] Only motion pictures are played back.
This mode allows you to search images by Scene Mode or other categories (such
as [Portrait], [Scenery] or [Night Scenery]) and sort the pictures into each of the
categories. You can then play back the pictures in each category.
[Select Date] You can play back pictures taken on each date.
[Favorite] You can play back the pictures you have set as [Favorite] (P114).
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