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To filter images for slide show playback
You can filter images and play them back in a slide show by selecting
[Filtering] on the slide show menu screen.
If you select [All], you can play back all images in a slide show.
You can also filter images by using the same setting as [Filtering Play]. Refer
to P101103 for the setting.
The filter settings are stored even after terminating slide show playback. To
cancel filtering, refer to P101.
Changing the slide show settings
By selecting [Setup] on the slide show menu screen, you can change the
settings such as [Effect] and [Duration] for slide show playback.
Settings Description of settings
This allows you to select the screen effects or music effects when switching
from one picture to the next.
When [URBAN] has been selected, the picture may appear in black and
white as a screen effect.
Some [Effect] will not operate when playing back pictures displayed
Even if [Effect] is set, it does not work during a slide show of Group
[Effect]is locked to[OFF] when [Filtering] is set to the following:
[Motion Pic. Only]
[ ] in [Category Selection]
When playing back the following pictures, the [Duration] setting is
Motion pictures
Panorama pictures
Group of pictures taken in [Time Lapse Shot]
[Repeat] [ON]/[OFF]
[OFF]: There will be no sound.
[AUTO]: Music is played when the still pictures are played back,
and audio is played when the motion pictures are played
[Music]: Music is played back.
[Audio]: Audio (only for motion pictures) is played back.
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