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Before Use
1Check that there are no foreign objects on the inner side of the side door.
If there is any foreign object, such as lint, hair, sand, etc., on the surrounding area, water will
leak within a few seconds causing malfunction.
Wipe it off with a dry soft cloth if there is any liquid.
It may cause water leaks and malfunction if you use the camera with liquid adhered.
If foreign objects are present, wipe them off with a dry, lint-free cloth.
Be extremely careful to remove the small sand etc. that may adhere to the sides and corners of
the rubber seal.
2Check for cracks and deformation of the rubber seal on the side door.
The integrity of the rubber seals may decrease after about 1 year, with use and age. To avoid
permanently damaging the camera the seals should be replaced once each year. Please
contact Panasonic for related costs and other information.
3Close the side door securely.
A[LOCK] switch (grey part)
BRed part
CReleased state
DLocked state
Lock the [LOCK] switch securely until the
red part is no longer visible.
To prevent water intrusion, be careful not to
catch foreign objects such as liquids, sand,
hair, dust, or the strap cord.
Check before using underwater
Always wipe the rubber seal on the side door and the area where rubber seal sits with
a dry, lint-free cloth.
Do not open or close the side door in places with sand and dust, close to water, or with
wet hands. Sand or dust adhering may cause water leaks.
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