10 ASUS VW246/VK246 LCD Monitor
4. Input Select
Select from VGA, DVI, and HDMI input
5. System Setup
Allow you to adjust the system.
Volume: the adjusting range is from
0 to 100. is a hotkey to activate
this function.
OSD Setup:
* Adjusts the horizontal postition
(H-Position)/ the vertical position
(V-Position) of the OSD from 0 to 100.
* Adjusts the OSD timeout from 10 to 120.
* Enables or disables the DDC/CI function.
Language: there are ten languages for your selection, including English,
German, Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Traditional Chinese,
Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.
Aspect Control: adjusts the aspect ratio to “Full” or “4:3”.
Information: shows the monitor information.
All Reset: “Yes” allows you to restore the default setting.
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