Chapter 5
This chapter presents some problems you might encounter and the possible solutions.
My computer cannot be powered on and the power LED on the front panel
does not light up.
• Checkifyourcomputerisproperlyconnected.
• Checkifthewalloutletisfunctioning.
• CheckifthePowerSupplyUnitisswitchedon.RefertothesectionTurning your
computer ON in Chapter 1.
My computer hangs.
• Dothefollowingtoclosetheprogramsthatarenotresponding:
1. Simultaneously press <Alt> + <Ctrl> + <Delete> keys on the keyboard, then
click Task Manager.
2. Under Task Manager in the Processes tab, select the program that is not
responding, then click End Task.
• Ifthekeyboardisnotresponding,pressandholdthePowerbuttononthetopof
your chassis until the computer shuts down. Then press the Power button to turn it
I cannot connect to a wireless network using the ASUS WLAN Card (on
selected models only)?
• Ensurethatyouenterthecorrectnetworksecuritykeyforthewirelessnetworkyou
want to connect to.
• Connecttheexternalantennas(optional)totheantennaconnectorsontheASUS
WLAN Card and place the antennas on the top of your computer chassis for the
best wireless performance.
The arrow keys on the number key pad are not working.
Check if the Number Lock LED is off. When the Number Lock LED is on, the keys on
the number key pad are used to input numbers only. Press the Number Lock key to
turn the LED off if you want to use the arrow keys on the number key pad.
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