• DONOTconnectakeyboard/mousetoanyUSB3.1Gen1portwheninstallingWindows®
operating system.
• DuetoUSB3.1Gen1controllerlimitations,USB3.1Gen1devicescanonlybeusedundera
Windows® OS environment and after USB 3.1 Gen1 driver installation.
• USB3.1Gen1devicescanonlybeusedasdatastorageonly.
• WestronglyrecommendthatyouconnectUSB3.1Gen1devicestoUSB3.1Gen1portsfor
faster and better performance for your USB 3.1 Gen1 devices.
Microphone port (pink). This port connects to a microphone.
Line Out port (lime). This port connects to a headphone or speaker. In a 4.1, 5.1,
or 7.1-channel configuration, the function of this port becomes Front Speaker Out.
Supported by ASUS Sonic Studio.
Line In port (light blue). This port connects to a tape, CD, DVD player, or other audio
Refer to the audio configuration table below for the function of the audio ports in a 2.1, 4.1,
5.1, or 7.1-channel configuration.
Audio 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, or 7.1-channel configuration
ASUS Graphics Cards (on selected models only). The display output ports on these
optional ASUS Graphics Cards may vary with different models.
Expansion slot brackets. Remove the expansion slot bracket when installing an
expansion card.
LAN (RJ-45) port. This port allows Gigabit connection to a Local Area Network (LAN)
through a network hub.
Activity/Link LED Speed LED
Status Description Status Description
OFF No link OFF 10Mbps connection
ORANGE Linked ORANGE 100Mbps connection
BLINKING Data activity GREEN 1Gbps connection
LAN port
Port Headset 2.1-channel 4.1-channel 5.1-channel 7.1-channel
Light Blue (Rear panel) Line In Rear Speaker Out Rear Speaker Out Rear Speaker Out
Lime (Rear panel) Line Out Front Speaker Out Front Speaker Out Front Speaker Out
Pink (Rear panel) Mic In Mic In Bass/Center Bass/Center
Front panel - - - Side Speaker Out
14 Chapter 1: Getting started
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