Optical disk drive bay. There is an optical disk drive in this bay.
USB 3.1 Gen2 port. The Universal Serial Bus 3.1 Gen2 (USB 3.1 Gen2) port connects to
USB 3.1 Gen2 devices such as a mouse, printer, scanner, camera, PDA, and others.
• DONOTconnectakeyboard/mousetoanyUSB3.1Gen2portwheninstallingWindows®
operating system.
• DuetoUSB3.1Gen2controllerlimitations,USB3.1Gen2devicescanonlybeusedundera
Windows® OS environment and after USB 3.1 Gen2 driver installation.
• USB3.1Gen2devicescanonlybeusedasdatastorageonly.
• WestronglyrecommendthatyouconnectUSB3.1Gen2devicestoUSB3.1Gen2portsfor
faster and better performance for your USB 3.1 Gen2 devices.
MultiMediaCard(MMC) / xD-Picture (XD) / Secure Digital™ (SD) / High Capacity
Secure Digital™(SDHC) / Memory Stick Pro™(MS/PRO) card slot. Insert a supported
memory card into this slot.
Power button. Press this button to turn on your computer.
LED Lighting Effect. Customizable via the lighting control in ASUS Command, this LED
lighting effect shows through the pattern.
USB 2.0 ports. These Universal Serial Bus 2.0 (USB 2.0) ports connect to USB 2.0 devices
such as a mouse, printer, scanner, camera, PDA, and others.
Optical disk drive eject button. Press this button to eject the optical disk drive tray.
12 Chapter 1: Getting started
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