Cannot display the Direct Navigator
This screen cannot be displayed while recording or copying.
Cannot edit or format a card. Release the card’s protection setting. With some cards, the “Write
Protection Off” message sometimes appears on the screen even when
protection has been set.
The contents of the card cannot be
The card format is not compatible with the unit. The contents on the card
may be damaged.
Format using FAT 12, FAT 16 or FAT 32 with other equipment or format the
card with this unit.
The card contains a folder structure and/or file extensions that are not
compatible with this unit.
Turn off and then turn on the unit again.
SD Memory Cards (from 8 MB to 2 GB) or SDHC Memory Card (4 GB,
8 GB, 16 GB) can be used with this unit.
Copying, deleting, and setting
protection take a long time.
When there are a lot of folders and files, it may sometimes take a few hours.
When repeating copying or deleting, it may sometimes take a long time.
Format the disc or card.
Editing Issues Still Pictures Page
Cannot format. The disc is dirty. Wipe with a damp cloth and then wipe dry. 75
Disc may be defective or of poor quality.
You tried formatting a disc that is not compatible with the unit. 53
[+RW] Discs created on a computer may not be formatted.
Cannot create chapters. The unit writes the chapter division information to the disc when you turn it
off or remove the disc.
The information is not written if there is an interruption in the power.
These operations are not possible with still pictures.
Cannot delete chapters. When the chapter is too short to delete, use “Combine Chapters” to make
the chapter longer [RAM].
The available recording time
doesn’t increase even after deleting
recordings on the disc.
Available space on DVD-R, DVD-R DL, +R, or +R DL does not increase
even after deleting previous recordings.
Available space on DVD-RW (DVD-Video format) or +RW increases when
you delete the last recording.
Editing Issues DVD & SD Page
” fl ashes when I try to start
A video cassette is not inserted. Insert a video cassette with an accidental
erasure prevention tab.
Cannot record. The accidental erasure prevention tab has been removed. Cover the hole
with adhesive tape.
Cannot record a TV program. Digital broadcasts cannot be recorded to video tape.
Recording Issues VHS Recording Page
Troubleshooting Guide
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