Play fails to start even when
[ PLAY] is pressed.
Play starts but then stops
Insert the disc correctly with the label facing up. 15
Ensure disc is for the correct DVD-Video region number, and is not
The disc is dirty. 75
You tried to play a blank disc or a disc that is unplayable on the unit. 74, 75,
When recording to DVD-RAM using EP (8H) mode, play may not be
possible on DVD players that are compatible with DVD-RAM. In this case
use EP (6H) mode.
You cannot play discs during DV Camcorder recording.
If playing DivX VOD content, refer to the homepage where you purchased
it. (DivX)
Audio and video momentarily
This occurs between playlist chapters.
This occurs as scenes change during Quick View.
[-R]DL] [+R]DL] Images and audio may be interrupted momentarily when
play reaches the point where the recording passed from the first layer to
the second.
DVD-Video is not played. You have set a ratings level to limit DVD-Video play. Change this setting. 59
Alternative soundtrack and subtitles
cannot be selected.
The languages are not recorded on the disc.
You may have to use the disc’s own menus to select languages and audio
No subtitles. When progressive output is on, TV’s closed captions cannot be displayed.
Go to the Setup menu and turn this unit’s closed captions on.
If connecting with the DVD/VHS COMMON output terminals, closed
caption cannot be displayed by this unit while playing tape. Make the
settings and display on a TV that supports Closed Captioning.
Subtitles are not recorded on the disc.
Set “Subtitle” in the Disc menu to “On”. 50
Angle cannot be changed. This function depends on software availability. Angles can only be
changed during scenes where different angles are recorded.
You have forgotten your ratings
With the tray open, press and hold [ REC] and [] on the main unit
simultaneously for about 5 or more seconds.
Quick View does not work. This does not work when audio is other than Dolby Digital.
This does not work while recording in XP or FR mode.
The resume play function
does not work.
Memorized positions are canceled when the unit is turned off or when the
tray is opened.
This function does not work when playing DivX VOD content. 36
It takes time before play starts. This is normal on DivX video. (DivX)
Picture stops. Picture may stop if the DivX files are greater than 2 GB. (DivX)
Cannot see the beginning of the
recording played.
(If you connected this unit to an “HDAVI Control” compatible TV with an
HDMI cable) When [ PLAY] is pressed on this unit’s remote control
to start play, you may not be able to see the beginning of the recording
played until the picture is displayed on the TV. Using [] or [], return
to the beginning of the recording.
Playback Issues Operation Page
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