No sound.
Low volume.
Distorted sound.
Cannot hear the desired
audio type.
Check the connections and the “Digital Audio Output” settings. Check the
input mode on the amplifier if you have connected one.
61, 72
Check if TV is muted.
Check if amplifier is muted.
Press [AUDIO] to select the audio. 31, 38
Sound is not output while fast-forwarding during chasing playback and
simultaneous record and playback.
Set “V. Surround Sound” in the Audio menu to “Off” in the following cases:
When using discs that do not have surround sound effects, such as
Karaoke discs
When playing analog multilingual broadcast recordings
The sound effects will not work when the bitstream signal is output from the
HDMI AV OUT terminal or the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT terminal.
Audio may not be output due to how files were created. (DivX)
Audio may not be heard when more than 4 devices are connected with
HDMI cables. Reduce the number of connected devices.
When the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT terminal is used for audio output and the
unit is connected to the television with an HDMI cable, set “HDMI Audio
Output” to “Off” in the Setup menu.
Depending on the connected equipment, the sound may be distorted if this
unit is connected with an HDMI cable.
Cannot switch audio. You cannot change the audio type when a DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW
(DVD-Video format), +R, +R DL, or +RW disc is in the disc tray.
You cannot change the audio type when playing a recording of an analog
multilingual broadcast on a DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW (DVD-Video
format), +R, +R DL or +RW disc. You can select “Main” or “Secondary Audio
Program (SAP)” in “Multi-channel TV Sound (Analog)” in the Setup menu
before recording.
23, 25,
Only one language channel is recorded from digital multilingual broadcasts,
so you will be unable to change languages during playback.
You have used a digital connection. Set “Dolby Digital” to “PCM” or connect
using an audio cable (analog connection).
61, 72
There are discs whose audio cannot be changed due to how the disc was
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Troubleshooting Guide
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