General Issues VIERA Link
VIERA Link doesn’t work Check the HDMI cable connection. Check that “HDMI” is displayed on the
front display when the power for the main unit is set to “On”.
Make sure that “VIERA Link” is set to “On”. 66
Check the “HDAVI Control” settings on the connected device.
If the connection for the equipment connected with an HDMI cable was
changed, or if there was a power failure or the plug was removed from the
household AC outlet, “HDAVI Control” may not work. In this case, perform
the following operations.
1. When all equipment connected with the HDMI cable is turned on, turn
the TV (VIERA) on again.
2. Change the TV (VIERA) settings for the “HDAVI Control” function to
off, and then set to on again. (For more information, see the VIERA
operating instructions.)
3. Switch the VIERA input to HDMI connection with this unit, and after this
unit’s screen is displayed check that “HDAVI Control” is working.
The contents of the USB memory
cannot be read.
Check that the USB memory is inserted correctly. 15
The format of the USB memory or of its contents is not compatible with the
unit. (The contents on the USB memory may be damaged.)
73, 76
The USB memory contains a folder structure and/or file extensions that are
not compatible with this unit.
Turn off and then turn on the unit again.
USB memories connected using a USB extension cable, a USB multi card
reader or USB hub may not be recognized by this unit.
The USB host function of this unit may not work with some USB memory
USB memories with storage capacity of more than 32 GB may not work in
some instances.
Some USB memories cannot be used with this unit. 73
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