The following does not indicate a problem with the unit:
Regular disc rotating sound.
Poor reception due to atmospheric conditions.
Image disturbance during search.
Periodic interruptions to the reception due to satellite broadcasting breaks.
Operations not working due to a poor-quality disc. (Try again using a Panasonic disc.)
The unit freezing due to the activation of one of its safety devices ( 81, To restore the unit if it freezes).
No power. Insert the AC power supply cord securely into a known active AC outlet. 8 to 10
The unit switches to standby mode. This is a power saving feature. Change “Off Timer” in the Setup menu to
“Off” to always keep the unit on.
One of the unit’s safety devices is activated. Press [/I POWER] on the
main unit to turn the unit on.
The power is turned off
If you connected this unit to an “HDAVI Control” compatible TV with an
HDMI cable, this unit will be automatically turned off when the TV is turned
General Issues Power
Before requesting service, make the following checks. If you are in doubt about some of the check points, or if the solutions
indicated in the chart do not solve the problem, refer to “Customer Services Directory” on page 94 if you reside in the U.S.A., or
refer to the “Product information” on page 93 if you reside in Canada.
Troubleshooting Guide
The display is dim. Change “Front Display” in the Setup menu. 63
“12:00A” is fl ashing on the unit’s
Set the clock. 57
The recording time display, the
copying process display, and the
displayed recording times of MP3s
are different from the actual time.
Times shown may disagree with actual times.
[-R] [-R\DL] [+R] [+R]DL] The remaining capacity does not increase even if
recordings are deleted.
Available recording space on a DVD-RW (DVD-Video format) or +RW disc
increases when you delete the last recording (space may increase slightly
when you delete other recordings).
If you record or edit about 200 times or more, the remaining capacity of
DVD-R, DVD-R DL, +R, or +R DL is reduced and then recording or editing
may be disabled (for the second layer on DVD-R DL and +R DL, this
happens after about 60 times).
The time during fast forward and rewind, or the process during copy may
not be displayed accurately.
Compared to the actual recorded
time, the elapsed time displayed is
The displayed recording/play time is converted from the number of frames
at 29.97 frames (equal to 0.999 seconds) to one second. There will be a
slight difference between the time displayed and the actual elapsed time
(e.g., actual one-hour elapsed time may display as approximately
59 minutes 56 seconds). This does not affect the recording.
General Issues Displays Page
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