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Authorization Error.
This unit is not authorized to play
this recording.
You are trying to play the DivX VOD content that was purchased with a
different registration code. You cannot play the content on this unit. (DivX)
Cannot fi nish recording completely. The program was copy-protected.
The disc may be full.
There are already 99 recordings ([+R] [+R]DL] [+RW] 49 recordings).
Cannot play. You inserted an incompatible disc (discs recorded in PAL video, etc.). 75
Cannot record on the disc. The disc may be dirty or scratched. 75
Unable to format.
Please check the disc.
Cannot record. Disc is full. [RAM] [-RW‹V›] [+RW] Create space by erasing unwanted recordings. Even
if you erase recorded content from the DVD-R, DVD-R DL, +R or +R DL
there is no increase in disc space. Available recording space on a DVD-RW
(DVD-Video format) or +RW disc increases when the last recording is
deleted (space may increase slightly when you delete other recordings).
22, 43,
Cannot record. The number of
recordings has exceeded the
maximum limit. Use a new disc.
Error has occurred.
Please press OK.
Press [OK] to start the recovery process. You cannot operate the unit while
it is recovering [“ ” (Self Check) appears on the unit’s
No disc You haven’t inserted a disc. Correctly insert a disc that the unit can play. 15, 74,
The disc is upside down. If it is a single-sided disc, insert it so the label is
facing up.
No folders. There are no compatible folders on SD Card or USB memory. 76
No SD card
No valid SD card.
The card is not inserted. If this message is displayed while a compatible
card is already inserted, turn off the unit, remove the card, then re-insert
the card.
The card inserted is not compatible or the card format does not match. 73, 76
No VHS cassette. There is no video cassette in the tape deck when playing or recording TV
programs. Insert a video cassette.
Now recording on DVD.
To watch the VHS playback, connect
terminal at the back of the unit, and
select the appropriate input on the
The VHS plays back while recording on DVD. You can watch the VHS
playback by connecting to the DVD/VHS COMMON terminals.
Please change the disc. There may be a problem with the disc. Press [ OPEN/CLOSE] on the
main unit to remove the disc to check for scratches and dirt. (The unit turns
off automatically after you open the tray.)
Please set the clock. The clock is not set when recording programs or setting scheduled
recording. Set the clock.
The VHS cassette is protected. A video cassette without the accidental erasure prevention tab has been
inserted for recording TV programs. Use a video cassette with an accidental
erasure prevention tab.
Rental Expired. The DivX VOD content has zero remaining plays. You cannot play it. (DivX) 36
This is a non-recordable disc. The unit cannot record on the disc you inserted. Insert a DVD-RAM or
unfinalized DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW (DVD-Video format), +R, +R DL,
or +RW disc.
The disc may be incompatible or of poor quality. 74, 75,
This disc is not formatted properly. You inserted an unformatted DVD-RAM, DVD-RW or +RW disc. Format the
disc with the unit.
The operation is prohibited by the unit, disc, or video cassette.
Error Messages
DMR-EZ48VP.indb 80DMR-EZ48VP.indb 80 2007/12/13 20:44:262007/12/13 20:44:26
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