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Can I record from a commercially
purchased video cassette or DVD?
Most commercially sold video cassettes and DVDs are copy protected;
therefore, recording is usually not possible.
(DVD-Video format), +R, +R DL,
and +RW recorded on the unit be
played on other equipment?
You can play these discs on compatible equipment such as DVD players
after finalizing the disc on this unit.
[+RW] It is not necessary to finalize. To enable play on other DVD players,
please use “Create DVD Top Menu” in the DVD Management menu.
In any case, ability to play a disc depends on the condition of the recording,
the quality of the disc, and the capability and format constraints of the DVD
Can I record digital audio signals
using the unit?
You cannot record digital signals. The digital audio terminals on the unit are
for output only. (The audio recorded from a digital video camcorder using
the DV camcorder recording function, however, is recorded digitally.)
Can a digital audio signal from
the unit be recorded to other
You can record if using the PCM signal. When recording DVD, change the
“Digital Audio Output” settings to the following via the Setup menu:
PCM Down Conversion: “On”
Dolby Digital: “PCM”
However, only
As long as digital recording from the disc is permitted.
As long as the recording equipment is compatible with 48 kHz sampling
You cannot record MP3 signals.
Can I switch to SAP during
With DVD-RAM and a video cassette, you can, and the audio recorded also
changes. Press [AUDIO] to change to SAP.
23, 25
You cannot change the audio type when recording an analog multilingual
broadcast on a DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW (DVD-Video format), +R,
+R DL or +RW disc. Establish the appropriate setting before recording with
“Multi-channel TV Sound (Analog)” in the Setup menu.
23, 61
Only one language channel is recorded from digital multilingual broadcasts,
so you will be unable to change languages during recording. Set the
language in “Multi-channel TV Sound (Digital)” in the Setup menu.
23, 25,
USB Page
What can or cannot be done using
the USB port on this unit?
You can copy still pictures and play MP3, DivX or still picture fi les on a USB
A USB memory cannot be formatted on this unit.
Connections of digital cameras or camcorders through USB are not
Some USB memories cannot be used with this unit.
33, 34,
36, 48
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