Close the session after recording. Play may be impossible on some discs due to the condition of the recording.
Operation and sound quality of CDs that do not conform to CD-DA specifi cations (copy control CDs, etc.) cannot be guaranteed.
The producer of the disc can control how discs are played. So you may not always be able to control play as described in these operating
instructions. Read the disc’s instructions carefully.
2.6/5.2 GB DVD-RAM, 12 cm (5)
3.95/4.7 GB DVD-R for Authoring
DVD-R recorded in DVD Video Recording format
DVD-R (DVD-Video format), DVD-R DL, DVD-RW
(DVD-Video format), +R, +R DL recorded on another
unit and not finalized ( 91)
PAL discs
Discs recorded with AVCHD format
DVD-Video with a region number other than “1” or
Blu-ray, HD DVD
Video CD
DVD-ROM, +R 8 cm (3), CD-ROM, CDV, CD-G,
Photo CD, CVD, SVCD, SACD, MV-Disc, PD, etc.
Note about using a DualDisc:
The digital audio content side of a DualDisc does not meet the
technical specifi cations of the Compact Disc Digital Audio
(CD-DA) format so play may not be possible.
Play-only Discs Discs that Cannot be Played
Holding a disc or card
Handle discs by the edges to avoid inadvertently scratching or
getting oil from your fi ngers on the disc. Do not touch the signal
surface of discs (the shiny side) or the terminal surface (the
metal part) of SD cards.
Cleaning discs
Discs are not indestructible and occasionally dirt or
condensation may appear. Clean by gently wiping with a soft,
dry lint-free cloth in a straight line from the center of the disc to
the edge of the disc.
Return discs to their cases and SD cards to their cartridges
when not in use; this helps to protect against scratches and
Media Care
[RAM] Use cartridges to protect them from scratches and dirt.
Storing media
Do not place or store media in the following locations:
Direct sunlight
Very dusty or humid areas
Near a heat source
Places that undergo extreme shifts in temperature
(condensation can occur)
Where static electricity or electromagnetic waves occur
Keep the Memory Card out of reach of children to prevent
Discs to avoid
Discs that are not perfectly circular in shape
Warped discs, which may not balance properly in your unit,
causing improper operation or damage to the unit
Cracked discs
Discs with exposed adhesive (from removed stickers or
labels, such as may occur with rental discs or improperly
cared-for discs that were previously labeled or re-labeled)
Video cassette
Poor quality or damaged video cassettes can cause the
heads to become dirty and malfunction.
Never use video cassettes on which juice has been spilled
or those that are extremely damaged since this will not only
cause the heads to become dirty, but will also make the unit
Disc type Standard symbol Uses
[DVD-V] High quality movie and music
(DVD Video
DVD-RW video recorded on
another DVD recorder
You can play programs that
allow “One time only recording”
if they have been recorded to a
CPRM compatible disc.
By formatting ( 53) the
disc, you can record to it in
DVD-Video format.
It may be necessary to fi nalize
the disc on the equipment used
for recording.
DVD-R and DVD-R DLwith
video recorded in DivX ( 76)
DVD-R and DVD-R DL with
music recorded in MP3 ( 76)
Still pictures (JPEG) recorded
on DVD-R and DVD-R DL
( 76)
Audio CD
[CD] Recorded audio and music
(including CD-R/RW)
DivX, MP3,
CD-R and CD-RW with video
recorded in DivX ( 76)
CD-R and CD-RW with music
recorded in MP3 ( 76)
Still pictures (JPEG) recorded
on CD-R/RW( 76)
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