SD Cards Usable with this Unit
Suitable SD Cards
When using SD Memory Cards of 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB, only SD Memory Cards that display the SDHC logo can
be used.
Usable memory is slightly less than the card capacity.
Please confirm the latest information on the following website.
http://panasonic.co.jp/pavc/global/cs (This site is in English only.)
If the SD Card is formatted on other equipment, the time necessary for recording may be longer. Also, if the SD
Card is formatted on a PC, you may not be able to use it on this unit.
This unit is compatible with SD Memory Cards that meet SD Card Specifications FAT 12 and FAT 16 formats, as
well as SDHC Memory Cards in FAT 32 format.
SDHC Memory Cards used for recording with this unit can only be used with other SDHC Memory Card-
compatible equipment. SDHC Memory Cards cannot be used with equipment that is only compatible with SD
Memory Cards.
We recommend using a Panasonic SD card.
The card types mentioned above will be referred to as “SD Card” in these operating instructions.
USB memories you can use with this unit
SD Card and USB Memory Information
Type Standard symbol File format Instructions
SD Memory Card
(from 8 MB to 2 GB)
SDHC Memory Card
(4GB, 8GB, 16GB)
miniSD Card
microSD Card
[SD] Still pictures (JPEG)
You can play and copy still pictures taken on a
digital camera, etc. ( 34, 48)
A card adaptor included with the miniSD Card/
microSD Card is necessary.
Type Standard
symbol File format Playing Copying Instructions
USB memory [USB]
MP3 
You can play MP3 fi les recorded onto the USB
memory using a computer. ( 33)
Still pictures
(JPEG) 
You can play and copy still pictures taken on a
digital camera etc. ( 34, 48)
You can copy still pictures to/from DVD-RAM discs
–You can copy albums only.
DivX 
You can play DivX fi les recorded onto the USB
memory using a computer. ( 36)
(: Can do, –: Cannot do)
Compatible USB memories
USB memories which are defined as USB mass storage class, and digital cameras that use PTP protocol.
USB memories that support USB 1.0/1.1 and USB 2.0 Full Speed/High Speed.
USB memories for USB 2.0 High Speed work as USB 2.0 Full Speed.
USB memories of up to 32 GB can be used.
USB memories that support bulk only transfer.
CBI (Control/Bulk/Interrupt) is not supported.
Digital Cameras which require additional programme installation when connected to a PC are not supported.
MTP (Media Transport Protocol) device is not supported.
A multi-port USB card reader is not supported.
FAT16 and FAT32 file systems are supported.
UDF/NTFS/exFAT file system is not supported.
Depending on the sector size, some files may not work.
Only the first partition on USB memories with multi-partition is supported.
Despite meeting the conditions mentioned above, there may be USB memory that cannot be used with this unit.
This unit does not support USB device charging.
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