DVD and Card Management
to complete.
[-R] [-R]DL] [-RW‹V›] [+R] [+R]DL]
You can play these discs on compatible DVD players by
fi nalizing it on the unit.
The menu you create with the unit can also be used on
most DVD players.
Perform preparation steps 1−4 of “Accessing the
Management Menus” ( 52).
to select “Yes”, then
, to select “Finalize”, then
Do not disconnect the AC power supply cord while fi nalizing. This
can render the disc unusable.
When fi nalizing a high-speed recording compatible disc, it
may take longer than displayed on the confi rmation screen
(approximately 4 times longer).
After fi nalizing
[-R] [-R]DL] [+R] [+R]DL] The disc becomes play-only and you can
no longer record or edit it.
[-RW‹V›] You can record and edit the disc after formatting
although it becomes play-only after fi nalizing.
The disc fi nalized by this unit may not be able to play on other
units depending on the condition of the recording.
There is a pause of several seconds between recordings and
chapters during playback.
– Recordings are divided into about 5-minute chapters ([+R]
[+R]DL] 8 minutes)
This time varies greatly depending on the condition and mode of
After you have fi nished recording and try to eject the disc, a screen
asking if you want to fi nalize the disc appears ( 25).
, to select desired item, then
DVD’s Top Menu:
The Top Menu appears fi rst.
First Recording:
The disc content is played without displaying
the Top Menu.
Selecting Whether to Show the Top Menu
, to select “Playback will
start with:”, then
to select “Start”, then
– Finalizing starts and cannot be canceled
(may take up to 15 minutes).
([-R]DL] [+R]DL] up to 60 minutes)
– A message appears when fi nalizing is
fi nished.
[-R] [-R]DL] [-RW‹V›] [+R] [+R]DL] [+RW]
Before fi nalizing a disc, select whether to show the Top
Menu after fi nalizing.
Perform preparation steps 1−4 of “Accessing the
Management Menus” ( 52).
to select “Start”, then
– “Create DVD Top Menu” cannot be canceled
once started.
– “Create DVD Top Menu” takes a few minutes.
to complete.
+RW discs contain no Top Menu Data. Top Menu is a
convenient function. We recommend creating the menu
before playing a +RW disc on other equipment.
Perform preparation steps 1−4 of “Accessing the
Management Menus” ( 52).
, to select “Create DVD Top
Menu”, then
to select “Start”, then
Recording or editing on the disc may delete the Top menu. In that
case, create the Top menu again.
You cannot use the Top menu for playing on this unit.
Create DVD Top Menu
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