You can enjoy linked operations with the TV and receiver by using “HDAVI Control”.
1. Connect this unit to your TV or receiver with an HDMI cable ( 11, 72).
2. Set “VIERA Link” to “On” ( 66). (The default setting is “On”.)
3. Set the “HDAVI Control” operations on the connected equipment (e.g., TV).
When using HDMI2 terminal of VIERA as “HDAVI Control”, set the input channel to HDMI2 on VIERA.
4. Turn on all “HDAVI Control” compatible equipment and select this unit’s input channel on the connected TV so
that the “HDAVI Control” function works properly.
When the connection or settings are changed, repeat this procedure.
1 This button is available only when this unit is on.
2 When this button is pressed, the playback image is not immediately displayed on the screen and it may not be possible to watch the contents
from where playback started.
In this case, press [] or [] to go back to where playback started.
3 Depending on discs, the TV may not automatically turn on.
(When the TV is on)
Automatic input
When the TV is on and the following operations are performed, the TV’s input will
automatically switch to HDMI input mode and the TV displays the corresponding
(Picture or sound may not be available for the fi rst few seconds.)
If you operate the VHS when the unit is recording on the DVD drive, the output does not automatically
(When the TV is off)
Power on link
When the TV is off and the following operations are performed, the TV will
automatically turn on and display the corresponding action.
(Picture or sound may not be available for the fi rst few seconds.)
[DVD-V]3, etc.
The TV is automatically turned on when you insert a disc or a tape without the accidental erasure
prevention tab.
If you operate the VHS when the unit is recording on the DVD drive, the TV does not automatically turn on.
Power off link
When you turn the TV off, this unit is also automatically turned off. This unit
automatically turns off even if the FUNCTIONS screen, the status message or the
on-screen menu is displayed during playback.
Even if the TV is turned off, this unit will not turn off at the same time under the
following conditions:
when you press [ REC] and this unit is recording
when scheduled recording is proceeding
– when copying
– when fi nalizing, etc.
When this unit is connected to an “HDAVI Control” compatible Panasonic receiver with an HDMI cable, the
receiver will also turn off.
Linked Operations with the TV (VIERA Link TM “HDAVI Control TM”)
What is VIERA Link “HDAVI Control”?
VIERA LinkTM is a new name for EZ SyncTM.
VIERA Link “HDAVI Control” is a convenient function that offers linked operations of this unit, and a Panasonic TV
(VIERA) or receiver under “HDAVI Control”. You can use this function by connecting the equipment with an HDMI
cable. See the operating instructions for connected equipment for operational details.
VIERA Link “HDAVI Control”, based on the control functions provided by HDMI which is an industry standard
known as HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control), is a unique function that we have developed and added.
As such, its operation with other manufacturers’ equipment that supports HDMI CEC cannot be guaranteed.
This unit supports “HDAVI Control 3” function.
“HDAVI Control 3” is the newest standard (current as of December, 2007) for Panasonic’s HDAVI Control
compatible equipment. This standard is compatible with Panasonic’s conventional HDAVI equipment.
Please refer to individual manuals for other manufacturers’ equipment supporting VIERA Link function.
When this unit is connected to a Panasonic TV (VIERA) supporting HDAVI Control 3 and initially set up, it automatically acquires the TV
setting information.
These functions may not work normally depending on the equipment condition.
About “HDAVI Control” function, read the operating instructions of the connected equipment (e.g., TV) too.
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